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Grooming FAQ
Answers to popular questions

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Do I need to make my appointment?
YES please contact us in advance we dont take walk in appointments as its so busy, if you really need your dog groomed at very short notice give us a ring and we will do our best to fit them in. If it's for a special event, we recommend making your appointment as soon as you know the date. 

Can I stay with my pet while it's being groomed?
Sorry No, Our salon isnt big enough to accomadate owners. Also you being there could make your dog aggitated, making them more difficult to groom. You are also a stranger to the other dogs in the salon which could stress them unessesaraly.

How often should I bring my dog for grooming?
About every 6 weeks is average, but it depends on the breed and lifestyle. Longer coats or show styled dogs may need to come in once a month.

At what age should I start getting my pet groomed?
As soon as you puppy has had all his injections, even if it's just for a bath and nail trim. Getting puppies used to grooming early will ensure they enjoy the experience in the future providng you use a wonderful goomer.

How long will my Dog be at the salon?
We always give an approximate pick up time, could be anything form 1-3hrs, if
 you can't pick you dog up when he is ready let us know and we make  accomodations. dogs staying several extra hours may incur an extra charge.

Can I bring my own shampoo?
Yes, if your vet has prescibed a shampoo for skin problems we will be happy to use that shampoo. If you have a particular product, bring it along, we will even keep it for you for future use.

Do you sedate dogs?
No we dont, If a calmer is needed for the safety of your pet or the groomer we ask that you talk to your vet about it and what can be done. 

Should I feed my pet before grooming?

Its not ideal to feed your dog before grooming because the excitement could intensify the need to relieve themselves. If this happens in the salon or on the grooming table, an extra charge of £5 will be added due to rebathing, redrying and clean ups. 

Why was my dog been cut very short?
If your dog is very matted we may need to cut them out. Not all tangles can be brushed out, pulling tangles out can be painful. We can show you how to brush your dog to prevent tangles and matting in the future.

What if my pet has fleas?
If you know your dog has fleas let us know before you book. If we find fleas at during grooming your dog will be given a flea treatment which will be added to the grooming charge.

What if I am not happy with the cut?
Let us know straight away and we will do our best rectify the issue. We try to understand how you want your pet's hair cut from the consultation but sometimes you may still want a slight change, please check your dog when you pick them up.

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