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How to Give You Dogs Enrichment

Feeding your dogs food from a Kong is fun for you dog and stop them bolting their food down. By slowing down the meal can seem larger and could reduce the risk of bloat. Dogs also feel more satisfied because the have worked for their food.

The mental exercise is as tiring for dogs as physical exercise, so working for his food could help tame his excitable behavior.

Kongs filled with food when you go out stop your dog getting board and reduce anxiety. Start Kong training your dog from an early age.

You can put wet food or treats in Kongs. Akela make a variety on products especially for Kongs see video opposite.

If you want to crate train your dog give them a kong filled with food and he will love going in his crate in no time.

CaninLuxe at Crufts 

Grooming For Crufts 
Dog groomers start to preparing a dog for Crufts months in advance.
Its not just one groom the day before!

The night before is when a lot of work is put into rifining the groom with, bBrushing, bathing, then be precision blow dried then brush out again, finishing with any last minute clipping to perfect the look.

CanineLuxe team had a fablous time at Crufts, we made lots of new friends human and Canine! there is so much to see, endless shops and beautiful dogs.

We met with out friends on the Akela Dog Food stand and found lots of new exciting products.

One of our favorite parts of the show is discover dogs where you see and stroke just about every breed of dog. 

See some of our pictures below

Crufts Dog Show Grooming

Crufts Show
Crufts Whippets
Crufts Groom
Horse Groom
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