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Dog Grooming Services
Should Have Gone To CanineLuxe!

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Why Send Your Dog to be Groomed ?

CanineLuxe dog groomers are trained and highly skilled professionals.
Some dogs may be OK with their owers brushing them but many dogs do not like owners attempting to clip nails or even bath them. We are trained to clip nails correctly and to cut fur with presision.

Would you ask your patner to cut your hair ? no of course not you would go to a hairdresser. So why attempt it and risk ruining your dogs coat!!! not to mention risking cutting your dogs nails too short and causing them to bleed. We have 
specialize equipment and tools needed to do a good job. 

Even if you are able to get your dog in the bath do you really want all the mess and frustration? the wet dog smell that lingers round the house, the dirty towels, water splashed everywhere, your dog not speaking to you! 
Leave it to the professionals.

CanineLuxe Grooming Services
Full Works Groom Every 4-6 Wks 
Mini Groom Every 2-4 Wks 
Puppy Wash & Fluff-Up to 6 Mths Old 
Sparkling Coat 
Aromathrapy Bath & Massage
Hand Stripping Every 6-12 Weeks  
Fur Facial 
Mini Facial
Fresh Ears 
Bottoms Up 
Party Pamper 

Full Dog Grooming


Full Works Groom Every 4-6 Weeks 
Small Breeds From £15-£30 Medium From £15-£35 Large £20-£70
Our full groom treatment includes everything your dog needs to look and feel fabulous. This includes dead hair removal, claws trimming, between the pads and paw trim, ears plucked and cleaned, full body massage, two shampoos, appropriate conditioning treatment, warm blow dry, coat styling with senior stylist, finishing with a spritz of CanineLuxe cologne for boys or girls. 

Mini Groom Every 2-4 Weeks £10-£30
Perfect for dogs that are active and like to play dirty! A great way to prevent matting and keep your dogs coat in tip top condition between full grooms. This is particularly effective for long haired or double coated breeds.
A Mini Groom includes two shampoos, appropriate conditioning treatment, a warm blow dry and finished with a spritz of CanineLuxe cologne.

Puppy Wash & Fluff Up Tp 6 Months £15
Take advantage of our puppy package £30 for 4 visits to the salon
Highly recommended for puppies as soon as they have had their vaccinations to introduce your puppy to the benefits of grooming. Includes a gentle brush followed by a soothing body wash using a gentle shampoo for puppies. A warm blow dry will help your pup to relax in the grooming salon and feel happy and confident to return

Aromatherapy Wash & Massage £20-£30
A calming and relaxing treatment in which your pet is washed & massaged with a blend of essential oils treatments formulated by our qualified Aromatherapist. This massage promotes blood circulation, relieves stress and enhances both the metabolism and the lustre of the coat.

Sparkling Coat £10-£20
Choice of rich and conditioning colour enhancing shampoos and conditioning treatments intensify the natural coat colour. Ideal for glossy black, pristine white, or rich red, brown or copper coats. Afterwards the Coat will feel silky smooth and full of shine. 

Dog Pawdicure

Grooming & Baths 

This relaxing pedicure includes a paw soak, claw trim, trim between the paw and pads plus a gentle paw massage with paw balm to soothe cracked and dry paws. Nail painting also available on request.

Hand stripping is available for gun dogs and terriers with appropriate coats.
Please ring salon to discuss Prices for this service

DE-Matting £POA
This service is offered to dogs of a suitable age, condition and temperament and depends on the severity of matting. This service will incur extra charge depending on the extra time required.

Fur Facial £5
Soothing cleansing facial treatment for dogs with facial folds or deep wrinkles need a regular skin cleansing routine. Wrinkles hold an accumulation of food, dry tears and other debris that can lead to skin infections and harbour bad odours. This facial treatment is ideal for dogs like Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers and Shar Pei.

Mini Facial £5
This service is ideal for In-between grooms helps keep those eyes and beards clean and tidy

Fresh Ears £5
Ears expertly cleaned, trimmed & deodorised. For dogs with NO ear irritations or allergies

Bottoms Up £5
A trim around the intimate areas to promote good hygiene.

Party Pamper £20-£60
Get your pooch red carpet ready with our special party treatment. A choice of shimmer spray colours, Ribbon and nail painting.

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